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Denver, CO June 8th, 2009 – Bowling Factory Outlet is in the business of providing solutions to the bowling industry. Each Department has unique features and software that allows mechanics and proprietors to control their accounts and budgets. We have contact forms in each department to submit questions or requests for additional information about a product or service that Bowling Factory Outlet provides.

This week we are featuring in each department the unique differences about the Bowling Factory Outlet website and how to take advantage of these differences.


The Pre-Order System

Since BFO’s Shopping Cart was designed by mechanics for mechanic we understood that there needed to be a way of saving orders online and allowing proprietors to approve these orders and then purchase them with a credit card. This is why we customized our software to handle this process for mechanics and proprietors alike.

The Pre-Order system is a way for mechanics to save and manage their shopping lists online. As it was explained in simple terms: It is like you making your shopping list and handing it off to someone else to go to the store. They then purchase the items and bring them back in this case (ship) the items for you to use.

The Pre Order Lists are managed in the “My Account” area of the shopping cart you can save multiple lists and refer back to them from time to time if you are unsure of what you have ordered in the past. It is a simple as saving a file with a new file name. So if a mechanic wanted label their pre-order lists by the month and year they ordered they could look back over the history of their orders.

Add To Cart

As with all shopping carts online, BFO still has the add to cart process for those proprietors are also the mechanic, manager, snack bar attendant, and pro shop operator. We know that this is the case in many small bowling centers and have given the option of being able to go through the store yourself and purchase directly without having to email your order to someone else.

You can also manage your maintenance costs right from the “My Account” area of the BFO shopping cart. This will come in handy during tax season being able to print all of your past invoices letting your accountant know how much you spent on parts or any other items or products you purchased from Bowling Factory Outlet.

For complete instructions of How-To-Order visit our website at:

Please follow the steps and have fun shopping if you have a question please contact a BFO
Customer Service Representative Toll Free: 877-236-8505

Special Requests

Bowling Factory Outlet understands that our customers may need something they do not see on our website. This is why we have given you this special request page and form, which will be emailed directly to one of our product specialists. Each product specialist will evaluate the request and respond within 24hours on the outcome of the request.



Over the past 50 years the technology in bowling centers has gone from easy to understand mechanical devices to the computer age. From tele-scores to computer scoring, from wood to synthetic lanes, from standard fluorescents to specialty lighting, from hand dressing lanes to automatic computerized lane machines. Every one of these changes has made a significant difference in how a bowling center needs to be maintained. Bowling Factory Outlet understands that we all need a helping hand now and again. This is why we are searching out the bowling service veterans to giving you the opportunity to find and contact them for some of your service needs. These service technicians are independent contractors with a wide array of skills in the bowling maintenance industry.


To find a service technician in your area please select a state above. After selecting a state click search for a list of technicians in your area. You can view a service technician’s individual profile by clicking on their company name or view. This will give you their contact information along with what kind of services they provide.


Service Technicians

Every service technician has the opportunity to publish their profile on the Bowling Factory Outlet. Just fill out the contact form to be contacted about how you can be on the Bowling Factory Outlet website and let every bowling center in the world see your services.



This department is dedicated to unique problem solving parts for bowling machines that can save you time and money. We give you more information about the innovative products we sell than other company in the bowling industry.

Bowling Factory Outlet is looking for new ideas and products every day. You can submit your product idea to Bowling Factory Outlet and we discuss the opportunities of being able to bring these products to the bowling market.



Bowling Factory Outlet has positioned itself with the best retailers in the world, giving you the opportunity to purchase products from these affiliates. Each of these affiliates has there own product lines to choose from with a secure purchasing program. We understand a bowling center needs more than just parts and service and this is why are offering this unique program giving you more choices from hardware, tools, sporting goods, electronics, and office supplies. BFO is always looking for new opportunities to partner with the finest companies.

Please email any recommendations to info@bowlingfactoryoutlet.com

This weeks featured affiliate is Walmart:

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

If you have any questions please send an email to


Thank You.

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