VistaTec Motors

VistaTec Motors & Gearbox Conversions

VistaTec has done it again, bringing you the most Comprehensive Motor in the bowling industry and providing Gearbox Conversions allowing you to use a one motor fits all concept. This Patent Pending design is unique so it can be used to configure any older style motor and gearbox assembly for AMF 82-70 Machines.

Whether you’re replacing: General Electric, Westinghouse, AO Smith or Nationals; Combos or Backends RH/Odd or LH/Even; 115/120/230/240Volts, 60/50Hz, 1725/1425RPM, 12.1/14.5Ratio, Long or Short Rotors, our system does it all.

Why have 3 different motors as spares on the shelf when one can do the job?

VistaTec Motors

Master Control Box:

The unique Master Control Box jumper system makes changing the motor operations easy with 3 simple steps... Learn More

Solid State Technology:

The integrated Solid State Technology eliminates mechanical switches allowing for years of maintenance free use... Learn More

Additional Mechanical Breaking:

In addition to the regenerative braking of the motor, the Mechanical Braking System helps eliminate potential coasting... Learn More

Mounted Dual Receptacles:

This Motor has both 5-Prong and 2-Prong receptacles mounted to it... Learn More

Universal Motor

Suggested Retail: $730.00

Limited Time Offer – Exclusions May Apply

VistaTec Gearbox Conversions

Conversion Mounting Flange:

The specially designed Adaptor Flanges will mount to any gearbox... Learn More

Independent Worm Shaft:

Our Independent Worm Shaft System is designed so that the shaft is now part of the gearbox and not the motor... Learn More

Seal & Shim Kit:

The Gearbox Conversion Kit comes complete with all the shims, gaskets, and seals... Learn More

Special Gearbox Oil:

The VistaTec Special Formula, lubricates, cleans, and seals gearboxes... Learn More

Gearbox Conversion

Suggested Retail: $425.00

Limited Time Offer – Exclusions May Apply