Customer Service

Customer Service

Bowling Factory Outlet has established a multi communicational process to give our customers the best level of service in the bowling industry. Whether you’re internet savvy or need more of a personal touch we have the right process for you.

Internet Communication

Bowling Factory Outlet has developed a User Friendly Web based Communication Process. Contacting Us via the internet is easy, just go to the About Us tab and click on the Contact Us tab, fill out the contact form with your questions, concerns, or comments and click send. This will generate an automatic email to a Bowling Factory Outlet Customer Service Rep. and they will respond within 24 hours.

We have also provided a Knowledge Base and FAQ area that will be continuously updated with all the information gathered as Bowling Factory Outlet continues to grow. This area will include how to’s, manufacturer’s notes, technical specifications and more. It has a very powerful and advanced search engine to be able to handle all of our customer’s inquiries.

Phone Communication

Bowling Factory Outlet is providing our customers with a toll free phone number to communicate with a Bowling Factory Outlet Customer Service Rep. who actually knows the technical side about the products we offer, since we are maintenance people ourselves. Bowling Factory Outlet Customer Service Reps. will be available from 8:00am to 5:00pm mountain standard time.

Associate Program

We understand that sometimes our customers need the personal touch with an onsite visit. This is why Bowling Factory Outlet has put together a team of field technicians to enhance our customer service experience. Each of our associates has been trained to help with any situation, whether it is technical issues or just help in utilizing the features of the website. Please visit our associate’s page for a complete list and contact information of an associate in your area.

Dealer Program

In certain regions of the United States, Bowling Factory Outlet has authorized individuals to be resellers of Bowling Factory Outlet products which we call dealers. These dealers have been given the rights to sell Bowling Factory Outlet products to their customers. Each dealer must qualify and meet Bowling Factory Outlet minimum standards. Please visit our dealer’s page for a complete list and contact information of a dealer in your area.